A votive stele with four registers

Origin: Maghrawa (Maktar)
Dating: II century A.D.
Materials: Limestone

Votive stele with registers. The higher register is reserved for the symbols and the representations in religious matter. These representations are evoked by astral emblems (disc and solar rosette, lunar crescent) and by anthropomorphic figures (Saturn, Venus and Bacchus, genius of the Tanit fertility) which constitute the complex pantheon. The median register represents one dédicant or a dédicante, upright in a temple with pediment sometimes close to a set ablaze furnace bridge. It is surrounded of the ritual ustensils. On certain steles Latina inscription accompanies the dédicant.
The lower register appears a scene of sacrifice representing the sacrificial animal the bull and the sacrificer and sometimes

mythological scenes evoking Hercules killing the lion of Némée or choking the two snakes.