The expansion and renovation of the museum

During this period, renovation projects of many Tunisian museums, including the Bardo Museum, were initiated within the framework of the implementation of global strategy for the development of cultural tourism. These projects were financed by a loan Tunisia got from the World Bank.

In December 2003, Taher Ghalia who is a researcher specialized in Late Antiquity, was entrusted with the direction of the museum. Thus, a transitional epoch was started: the museum would be updated until it becomes the showcase of the Tunisian heritage with the starting of the studies relative to the new museographic and architectural project. A perfect coordination between the different stakeholders in the project was made possible. The study relative to this project was trusted to the Parisian firm Codou-Hindley in association with the Tunisian architect Amira Nouira. A scientific programme was elaborated to execute a museographic presentation based on chronological and thematic circuits and according to exposition modes that are adapted to the wider public preferences.