Scientific and didactic events

The national Bardo Museum is actually developing its cultural mission through the organization of scientific seminars and meetings about topics that are part of the new orientations in research on heritage such as Tunisian handicrafts, new tendencies in museography, and the public of museums.
Many workshops were organized for young people concerning mosaics, moulding, photography, Arab calligraphy, the art of fresco, comic strips, and artistic painting. In the spring of 2010, a two-year programme was initiated to teach the art of mosaic to American children visiting the Bardo museum. This was within cruises organized by Disneyland and Tunisie Voyages. In 2008, the project "museum class" was implemented in the national Bardo Museum with the Gustave Flaubert secondary school in la Marsa and in partnership with the Institut Français de Cooperation. Starting from the academic year 2011-2012, this programme will be adopted by the Tunis area secondary schools, namely those affiliated to the UNESCO Schools network.

In 2005, a multimedia space intended for schoolchildren was set up by British Gas in profit of the educational service of the national Bardo Museum. Since 2008, Mitsubishi Corporation is the distinguished donor of the national Bardo Museum. It will grant audio-visual equipment for the different Museum services for a period of five years.
Since the XIXth Century, the national Bardo Museum knew a long eventful journey of enrichment of its collections which are representative of all the historical periods in Tunisia. It is the fruit of work undertaken by researchers who spent their lives decrypting the results of excavations, interpreting physical vestiges, rehabilitating civilisations, and presenting objects of their discoveries to the public. This is done with the aim of ever widening the field of knowledge, restoring ancestors’ lives, and occupy Tunisia’s place within the history of the world.